1,000 pick n mix bags donated to FareShare Greater Manchester for Christmas

Now more than ever is a time for everyone to help our communities where ever we can.

We are in a fortunate position as Christmas 2020 gets closer, to be able to donate 1,000 bags of 125g Sweet Cheeks® Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets to FareShare Greater Manchester for them to distribute to children and families across the region during the festive period.

FareShare work across the UK distributing surplus food to frontline charities and community groups., all fighting the same issues: hunger and food waste. Across the UK, 250,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food is unwanted each year. They want to see that food is put to good use.

FareShare Greater Manchester is run by the environmental charity EMERGE 3Rs (Registered Charity: 1132944) since 2008. Their aim is to help tackle the food poverty issue in Greater Manchester by redistributing unwanted food across the region.

The current pandemic has hit the most vulnerable communities the hardest and FareShare have been able to reach of 50,000 people per week during this time. They have distributed over 1,000 tonnes of food which equates to over 2 million meals.

Surplus, in-date food is donated and received at their Greater Manchester warehouse at Units E1 – E8 New Smithfield Market, Manchester M11 2WJ. This food is then distributed to charity organisations in the community and transformed into meals or donated to those in need.

We acknowledge that sugary treats are way down the list when it comes to nutrition, but we believe that sometimes putting a smile on someone’s face when they get a little treat can help a little even in the darkest times.

We are also making an extra commitment that for each order we receive in December, we will also donate an extra 125g bag on top of the 1,000 bags already pledged. So that will hopefully be many smiling faces across Greater Manchester this Christmas.